Web Applications

Web Applications and Custom development

We have developed several custom applications as a part of wide variety client projects. We have analysed and often have found certain applications requirements which help us and client to find right solution for meet their goals. Thess results allow us to create applications that save time and budget. We use modern methodologies of project management in each of our project, we do not waste time with administrative work, diagrams, studies and unnecessary bureaucracy. We are modern and agile, we talk and ask client after each iteration is done. This gives us feedback after each part of application and we can recognize what is good way and what is wasting of time.

Application strategy

We analyse and research to find considered direction to meet the full potential of the web-application.

Application design

It is based on the requirements and objectives that will propose an optimal solution for future application.

Application development

We will develop the application for you from sketch to integration with regard to the budget and targets.

Interface design

Our applications look good, they are simple and have high efficiency.

User experience

Our goal are to give users simple but memorable experience across all application platforms.

Device independence

Our solutions are optimised to extend functionality to all devices, from mobile to classic laptop.

We are Full Service web development company with wide variety of applications

Content Management Systems

We use the latest development technologies, we have custom core of content management system which is the backbone of every new application. Our applications are modern with HMVC pattern, application core work as black box and parts of our applications are developed as each independent module. We do not make a big ballast where you need three days for understanding source code. This allows to web editors and users to easily manage and update site content. We have a lot of modules which are managed by the content management systems. It can include the catalog, the portfolio, the gallery, the blog, the calendar and the event postings, with the membership login and member based content support.

Web Site Templates

We have created responsive website templates, which have allowed to everyone and businesses to provide cost-effective, productive website solutions to their membership base. This fully customizable solution can be installed as standalone website or can be frontend part of another application.


Do you want to sell your products on the internet? Our pre-built eCommerce application will help you to manage and sell your products or services online safely and securely. We offer the best of eCommerce solutions with our custom developed modules which can help to meet your needs and goals. It includes increase conversion through improved user experience, handle and process transactions in one location and manage inventory and pricing.


Every employee knows how difficult can be to find correct informations, manuals or needed informations in business enviroment. Searching information and knowledge can be time-consuming and expensive. We have developed application to share and centralize knowledge across organization that allows users to easily find updated materials and associated information. The version control and membership access give you tools which can control each information and their source. You save your time and everyone will find needed information.

Online catalogs and dealer applications

We have started to produce custom applications for car or bike dealers after several years and we have done a lot of applications. Our clients asked us to modify our catalog’s applications to make it more robust and friendly use. Our answer is the car dealer’s application which allows you to manage the car brands, the categories, the places, the several parameters and place the cars with this information, which are shared across application. Everyone can have application which can be the same as the big dealers’ sites.

Project management and groupware applications

In our first of our years in our business we needed to find something for sharing the documents, the tasks, the calendars and managed progress of our projects. We had shared the documents via classic office applications and it was a big chaos. The second requirement was to find platform which can be acessed via browser on every device (phones, tablets etc.). We have developed the application which make it all. You can share documents, add messages to threads, manage milestones and tasks. The client can see to progress and write comments. We are agile and we work agilely, so everything what we need for the development is inside. Give your tasks and projects rules and avoid chaos.

and more...

Our applications are platform independent, compatible with nearly every type of devices including mobile devices, they are accessible at any time and anywhere, they are resource friendly because they run on a remote server, they do not consume resources on workstations. Finally our applications are cost-effective, they don’t simply require packaging, shipping or distribution costs.