Web Design & Development

You can forget about complicated decisions of the development of web applications. We can help you to decide in which direction to go and do not to make unnecessary step outside even before you start to create the application.
During our existence we have successfully helped to many successful internet entrepreneurs, individuals and several promising users.
We like to create applications that look good, but also fulfill the functional significance. We can create the Ferrari between websites, but on the request of the customer we can also create the Mercedes.
Our websites may look great (many of them look absolutely great), but it's not enough! We know that the website must work hard as a perfect dealer or PR representative.

How the proper website should look?

Optimized for search engines

The better visibility of your website in a search engine's search results.

Easy for visitors to submit information in an intelligible form

Your page should be smart and easy to understand for every visitor.

Easily and at any time updateable

Don't use source code, don't learn anything. Everything is easy to catch.

Safe and resistant to attacks

Our sites are secured and hacker proofed. We are using the latest security standards.

Be fast and reliable

Don't waste time with poor slow graphic content and big volume content.

and more...

How does it work ...

But all is not just about design and strategy. We develop primarily our own custom applications by using modern technologies, PHP MVC, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3. We are not narrow-minded and if the customers are interested in a third party product, we will help them with the implementation and the modification according to their wishes.

We work hard to be able to understand your business and your clients. Each project begins by the process of finding the needs of your customers and information of your needs and intentions. We can beat the competition and also find the way to meet the goals. Without obtaining the correct information about your strategy we can‘t create high-quality and successful presentation, so we devote all efforts at this stage.

Our Web Design & Development services include the following ...

UI/UX Design

With our in-house designers, we recognize three of the most important factors which are usability, functionality and visualization. We offer services customized to fit your needs and budget.

HTML/CSS Development

HTML and CSS are the backbone of all web projects and is important that every site which we develop is organized by using the latest standards. We use W3C standards which ensure a good user experience and groundwork for optimal search engine exposure.

Social networks integration

Social networks rapidly increase in popularity, but while social networks tools are easily accessed, proper planning and strategy are still required. Using of the social sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can enhance your marketing efforts. The content posted to these networks can be integrated into Blogs and feeds, or automatically streamed on your website.

Content Development

The content is one of the most important part of any website. We provide web content development services such as content's planning, copywriting and keyword analysis.

Corporate branding and identity

The corporate identity is a key to the success of any business marketing. Your brand must be noticeable and consistent throughout your marketing materials. We help to guide our clients through Logo and Identity Development, Stationery Layout and Design including such as Business Cards and Letterhead and Envelopes etc.

Sales, Marketing and Collateral Materials

Once as a corporate identity has been designed, it’s important to get your message out with a web interactive campaign or print. We can help spread your message by Brochure Layout and Design, Corporate Folder Layout and Design, Sales Slick Layout and Design or simply by newsletter.

Photography and content images

Sometimes clients want to shoot product, portrait, event photography and more. With our photographer and several contacts for some of the area’s best freelancers we can exceed your expectations and provide you needed images. We also offer stock photography for all projects, from large to small and use top-rated photo stock sites.

and more...